One of the key goals of activities of FC Vilnius is to raise football players with a high level of excellence. In pursuit of this endeavour, the Club has been implementing programmes for educating football players with a high level of excellence in cooperation with its youth education partners, simultaneously implementing the project of development of its own football school.


About the Vilnius Kickers football school of FC Vilnius:


The school is a part of a youth education pyramid of FC Vilnius:

Exclusivity of the Vilnius Kickers football school:

  • “Our priority is a child, him/ her having fun, at the same time ensuring his/ her security” is the fundamental principle behind the planning of football activities;
  • “Always with a ball” principle is very important in organizing school’s activities;
  • One coach works with a limited number of children only, depending on their age:

Children 4-6 years of age – 1 coach for 8-12 children;

Children 7-10 years of age – 1 coach for 13-16 children;

Children 11-14 years of age – 1 coach for 16-20 children;

  • When it comes to sports education goals, the priority is the development of individual excellence of players (team results are not our top priority);
  • The content of our training classes and communication with children is based on “You can, if you want” approach. The aim of this approach is to instil in children a belief that they can learn, overcome and win as long as they themselves want that;
  • English is the international football language. In order for children to take part and feel comfortable in the English football environment, some trainings are held in English;
  • Complete periodisation of coaches – every coach works with children of a certain age only (at the intervals of 2-3 years) to best understand the specifics of a certain age of children (the same coach will never work with a child from 5 to 14 years of age);
  • Both boys and girls can attend football trainings (up to 11 years old, inclusive – first of all they work in mixed groups, and are separated later on). More advanced girls can continue training with boys as they grow older, by a separate agreement of coaches, children and parents;
  • Strict rules of mandatory parent behaviour and ethics – parents of children cannot “train” instead pf coaches during trainings or championships, nor can they “explain” referees how to judge. Parents can encourage their children to play and to enjoy football by having a good time and enjoying the game.

Training locations:

Football trainings are held in Vilnius:

  • Sportima arena (Ąžuolyno g. 5);
  • Other sports objects in Vilnius.


Coaches assisted by assisting coaches hold and plan trainings.

School coaches must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a good knowledge of specifics of work with children (required) and training experience (preferred);
  • A football coach licence (LFF „C“, UEFA „B“, „A“ or „Pro“ licenses) or a strong desire to obtain it in the nearest future;
    • Acting in observance of “a child comes first” principle at work;
    • A passion for football, an understanding of current football trends and an ongoing interest in novelties in football;
    • A desire to raise an individually strong professional football player;
    • Necessary human values and personal qualities;
    • English language skills and computer literacy;
    • Ability to provide first aid in the event of an accident;
    • No criminal record or crimes against children;
    • No addictions (use of alcohol, narcotic substances, including doping, or smoking).

Currently, the team of school coaches is still being formed, but we will introduce them to our site visitors in the nearest future.

Price of football trainings

Having decided to attend football trainings held by our school, you will pay a Club membership fee of Eur 50 – 70 per month. The price depends on the age of your child and the number of trainings which he/ she will attend each week – 3, 4 or more.

However, you can try our football trainings for free. Your children can attend trainings for free until you make sure that they enjoy them!

Children from disadvantaged background are offered a possibility to pay a mere 30% of the Club’s membership price ALL the time that they train * (* documentary proof of support is required).


Are there any additional charges and what costs extra?

There are no additional charges.

Each attendee must purchase a NIKE football outfit and a ball.

Only participation in commercial football tournaments organized by third parties, also a remuneration for coaching time when going on tournaments may cost extra.

What additional value will I get as a member of FC Vilnius:

  • An opportunity to enjoy football in the Club’s fan community;
  • A possibility to receive discounts and exclusive offers of partners of the Club;
  • A possibility to participate in active leisure events and celebrations of the Club;
  • An opportunity to contribute to good deeds and social initiatives of the Club.

Who can attend football trainings?

  • Children (boys and girls) in good health (they must have a doctor’s statement in evidence thereof);
  • Children whose parents have concluded an agreement with the Club and pay for football trainings in a timely manner;
  • Children whose parents have committed to act in observance of the recommended Code of Conduct and Ethics of Parents.

Become a member of the Club, which will soon make Vilnius famous, and join FC Vilnius now!