futbolo kamuolys

Our story

FC Vilnius club was found in 2019, when the founder of the Narbutas Support Foundation, a businessperson Petras Narbutas, decided to establish a football club, which main aim was to help Vilnius children to participate in sports and grow as personalities regardless of their social status.

There was also a desire to set an example for other businesspeople that there is a great opportunity to contribute to the creation of a different side of Lithuania through football.

Together with partners, in spring of 2019, the club participated in the Lithuanian I League Men’s Championship and thus the official history of the club began.

Our main goal

We aim at having a fully structured football club: a football school, a football academy, women’s and men’s first teams.

We aim at becoming the number one choice of parents and children when choosing a football club at the youngest age, young people following the path of a professional athlete, top class coaches and football fans. Additionally, with hard work, openness and transparency, we will strive to be number one choice for any business or other sponsor that decides to support the sport.

My choice was determined by the fact that football is the number one sport in the world, it also plays a key role in children and young people’s health, as well as in choice of active healthy lifestyle…

In addition, it also provides an opportunity even for those who grow up in families who may not have many opportunities to support their children in achieving something in life..

… I would like to strengthen this process, I would like to direct football towards a clear and rational direction, and encourage by my example more people to contribute to the development of football in Lithuania.

Petras Narbutas

Our values

Honor. It is an honor to be a member of the Club, it is an honor to be a Vilnius citizen.

Respect. Respect for yourself, your opponent and another member of society.

Aiming to be the best. On and off the football field, in competitions and everyday in anything you do.
Helping others. It’s nice to do good for those who need support.

Football. As a sports game, as a social value, as a unique emotion, as an active leisure and lifestyle.