The Public Institution“Narbuto Paramos Fondas” (English: Narbutas’ Support Foundation) was established on 23 August 2018.

The founder – the natural person Petras Narbutas.

The Public Institution FCVilnius was established on 8 January 2019.

The founder – the legal entityPI“Narbuto Paramos Fondas”(100 % ownership stake).

Petras Narbutas

Petras Narbutas:

“My decision was driven by the fact that football is the “number one” sport in the world, and it is very important for the health of children and young people, as a choice of active employment and a healthy lifestyle …

This is also an opportunity to engage in something and to achieve something in life even for those, who are growing up in families that may not have a lot of opportunities to offer their children a successful life…”